Health Habits Exercise Videos – Fat Burning HIRT Circuit #1

Here is the 4 minute “kick yo’ ass”, super fat-burning workout exercise video I promised you on Tuesday.

Note: I almost didn’t post it today as it is not 100% finished. The workout is good to go, but I need a bit more time for my video guru Lauren to input all of the instructional text.

So, what I am going to do is get this sucker online right now, and when we have added all the text, come back and replace all this text so future viewers never know that I put a beta version online.

About the Workout:

This is a High Intensity Resistance Training Circuit consisting of…

  • 4 Minutes total work
  • 8 x 30 second sets
  • 3 exercises

The 3 Workout Exercises are…

  1. Squats
  2. Push Ups 
  3. Jumping Jacks

Note – Choose the version of Squats or Push Ups equal to your fitness level. You want to push yourself as hard as possible, while being realistic about your current fitness level

Exercise Options



Exercise Tips

  • Push yourself as hard as your fitness level will allow
  • Keep rest to a minimum
  • Maintain correct form – see “how-to” videos
  • Work hard, fast & safe

This is a great fat-burning, fitness boosting workout. However, since I can’t watch over you like one of my “real-life” personal training clients, I need to drop a little common sense…

Please note that this video is designed for educational purposes only. Not all exercises and/or training programs are appropriate for everyone. Before starting any new workout routine, please take into account your personal health & fitness condition. Injuries can happen. Please consult your trainer or healthcare professional before jumping into this or any other exercise program.

Now that that’s over, it’s time to get sweaty….


 As this is the first workout / exercise video I have put online, I would really appreciate your feedback. Be merciless….I want these exercise videos to be as good as they possibly can…without spending a ton of money of course 🙂

Planned Changes/Upgrades

  • We are going to change the timer/buzzer. What I want is a 30 second timer for each set & either a 4 minute timer or progress bar so that people know how much time is left in the workout.
  • Text warning 5 sec before the next exercise starts – “Push Ups are next” – or something like that
  • A longer chunk of text at the end of the workout with more details about the circuit
  • Text before the workout starts with some of the info I posted above

About my experience with these first few exercise videos

It has been incredibly cool. I have been lucky enough to find an amazing partner in my videographer Lauren Webb…(her Vimeo page – her Tumblr). She took my rambling descriptions of what I wanted to do with these videos and is making them look even better than I had hoped they could be.

And we are just getting warmed up. Lauren’s background is actual film making…not exercise videos. As such, this first round of videos has involved a LOT of getting to know each other, our goals for the project, our expectations and what can actually be done on a shoestring budget.

Not only will we be faster with the next round of videos, they will look better and will have more features. Stay tuned.

I would also like to thank our fantastic fitness model Nicole for her patience and positive attitude…as well as her ability to bang out push up after push up after push up.

Finally, I would like to thank the Miles Nadal JCC in Toronto for providing the location for the video shoot. With that said, if you’re looking for a new gym in Toronto, I can highly recommend the JCC and suggest that you call and ask for my buddy Manny at the JCC –Call and ask for him at (416) 924-6211 x 500  or  shoot him a direct email .


  1. Why are the jumping jacks not included in the last round? The unevenness of the rounds is making the engineer in me very twitchy.

    Is the speed at which she’s doing the squats what you consider a good speed? As much as you emphasize “going fast” and “pushing yourself”, it seems like she’s going really slow.

    I don’t think the timer as-is or a progress bar would work well–anyone taking any kind of break between sets would completely lose their place.

    So this four minutes is…your entire workout for a day? Combined with other circuits? How do you build a weekly routine from this? Or is all that coming later?

  2. – 4 minutes of exercise = 8 x 30 second sets…the JJs are the easy exercise in the circuit…and are expendable…mwooohahaha

    – Her speed is for demonstration and would be totally appropriate for a lot of people. The first timed we filmed this, I had her go as hard as possible, with the results being – her first sets were crazy fast – tons of reps, zero rest between sets…& then the push ups caught up to her…she had to slow waaaaayyyyyy down. Which is totally fine with me. But it looked like crap on video. So, when I say push yourself, I mean push yourself…if that means 100 reps per 30 sec set…awesome – if it means 10 reps per set..awesome – if it means that you do the hardest version of every exercise – if it means that you start with standard push ups and move to “from the knees”…that’s awesome too. As long as you are going as hard as you can go on that particular day….I am a happy, happy trainer

    – The timer is essential – the set is 4 min – breaks are included in the 4 min…if you need them. The goal is to progress. If you need to rest for 2 of the 4 min today, that is fine. The goal is to push, get fitter, reduce break times, get even fitter, reduce break times even more….ad infinitum. About the timer/buzzer itself, I want to find a more aesthetically pleasing version

    – this 4 minute workout could be your workout for the day…depends on your fitness level, your goals, whether you did a 60 min workout yesterday. OR it could be 1 segment of a larger workout o’ the day – more 4 min circuits, stretching, HIIT or cardio, etc..

    As I build up my library of 4 min HIRT circuits, I will create 20 minute workouts consisting of 5 different 4 minute HIRT circuits

    In those posts/videos, I will instruct on how to warm-up, then jump into the 20 min HIRT workout, then instruct on cool-down/stretching, then instruct on post-workout recovery techniques. It’s just going to take some time to build up the video library…Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

    Thanks for the ?s Brit. If you were thinking them, I am sure others had the same questions and didn;t ask

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