Product Review Policy

My policy on product reviews is very simple:

  •   I only post reviews of products & services that I would recommend to my “real world” clients.
  • I very seldom post negative review as I don’t want to waste my time.
  • If a company wants time-limited exclusivity…meaning I wouldn’t publish a review of a competing product for a specified period of time…they pay for that exclusivity.
  • Other than this “exclusivity premium”, I accept no money for a product review.
  • If a company contacts me, they usually provide free product for the review.
  • If I decide to review the product on my own, I pay for the product myself.
  • If, after using a product for a longer period of time, I notice problems cropping up, I will add an addendum to the original review.

Requests for Reviews

If you now of any great health/fitness/nutrition/etc products or services, shoot me a message and I will try to arrange a review.

If you produce a great health/fitness/nutrition/etc product or service, shoot me a message and we can arrange a review.