Free “Best Body” Workouts – ver 3.0

NOTE: Part way through the posting of this workout series, my “real-world” schedule went completely crazy…and I simply didn’t have enough time to do everything. Something had to give…and it was the free online workouts. As a result of the abbreviated program length, I debated taking all of the workouts down, but in the end, I decided that the 10 weeks I did complete are pretty great workouts and they stand on their own as a quality mesocycle.

Here’s what you can do with this 10-week program.

  1.   Insert the entire 10 weeks into your current training program.
  2.   Repeat the 10 week block over and over and over by itself.
  3.   Grab shorter chunks (4-6 weeks) and insert them into your current workout schedule.

Free “Best Body” Workouts – ver 3.0

This batch of 100% totally FREE Health Habits workouts are going to focus on people who workout at home.

  • To begin with, we will only be doing body-weight exercises.
  • After a month or so, we will add in some strength band workouts. I suggest you buy yours NOW!!!
  • As we go along, I might add in a kettlebell or some other piece of home fitness equipment. I will give you lots of notice OR give you alternative exercises.

The workouts we will be posting online are exact replicas of the ones I am using with one of my newest clients. In fact, to show you how effective these workouts can be, my little guinea pig  has agreed to track his physique transformation as the year progresses.

His goals are as follows:

  1. Reduce body-fat
  2. Get fitter – stronger, more flexible, agile, etc
  3. Get healthier
  4. Look great in the buff

If that sounds like you, start clicking links and get ready to sweat.

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  • Best Body Workout – 2013 – Week 12 – Day 2
  • Best Body Workout – 2013 – Week 12 – Day 3