Tabata and the End of Night Time Snacking


At this time of year, millions of people around the world have resolved to lose weight. Sadly, most of them will fail.

One of the main reasons why so many of us are unable to lose excess bodyfat is night-time snacking.

During the day, we are able to eat healthy, control our portion size, choose vegetables over starchy carbs and stay away from junk food.



But at night, most of us relax, drop onto the couch, turn on the tv…and say goodbye to our weight-loss willpower.

And nothing wrecks a diet faster than night time snacking while watching tv

A few years ago, I had a client who was having problems with night time snacking. He did everything “right” during the day, but when he finally relaxed at the end of the day, he found himself dealing with major cravings while watching the nightly news.

Most of the time, he drowned his cravings with mugs of steaming hot tea. But as the cravings didn’t lessen over time, we felt that we needed to do something to resist their temptation.

Here’s what we did.

Right before he sat down in front of the tv, I had him perform a single 4-minute Tabata set of Step-Ups using one of the staircases in his home.

And it worked.

We have no idea why it worked – hormones, brain chemicals, recharged willpower – and we didn’t care. All that mattered was that his cravings went away, making it easier for him to achieve his fitness goals.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you 🙂

How to do Tabata Step-Ups

What is Tabata?

Tabata is an exercise protocol in which you exercise as hard as possible for 20 seconds…then rest for 10 seconds…repeating this 7 more times…for a total of 8 x 20 second work sets + 8 x 10 second rest sets = 4 minutes of high intensity exercise.

How do I do Tabata Step-Ups in my home?

You couldn’t find a simpler exercise.

  • Step 1 : Walk over to a staircase
  • Step 2: Step Up
  • Step 3: Step Down
  • Step 4: Do this as fast as you can for 20 seconds
  • Step 5: Rest for 10 seconds
  • Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 & 5 seven more times

Step Up Videos

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

It seems like I hear some version of this question each and every day. Just this past weekend, it was posed to me by Angela.

  • Angela is a forty-something year old woman, with two kids and an executive position at an insurance company.
  • Angela is 5’6″ and weighs approximately 170 lbs.
  • Angela doesn’t want to weigh approximately 170 lbs.

Maybe, some of you can sympathize with her story.

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Angela’s Story

All the way through high school, Angela was an average, healthy weight. Not thin; healthy. She participated in gym class and enjoyed playing tennis. In university, she fell victim to the dreaded “freshman fifteen”. By the time she graduated, it was more like 20 lbs.

After graduation, she lost most of that weight by exercising at a health club and watching what she ate.

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Next came the babies…

After the birth of her two children, Angela found herself reunited with that extra 20 lbs. Throwing herself back into that same exercise and nutrition program, Angela managed to lose most of that 20 lbs….And then gain it all back….and then lose most of it again…..and then gain it all back plus a little bit extra.

This takes us back to the present day.

  • Angela has 35 lbs. of excess fat that she wants to be rid of.
  • And she feels completely lost.
  • She has read every diet book.
  • She has exercised like an Olympic athlete.
  • She has cleansed.
  • She has popped dietary supplements.
  • She has joined and quit three different diet programs.

Nothing works anymore. So she asks me, “Why can’t I lose weight”?

So Why Can’t She Lose Weight?

The truth is; when it comes to burning off excess body-fat, Angela has no idea what she is doing. But it’s not her fault.

  • The multi-billion dollar diet industry sets people up for failure. If every dieter was successful, who would buy the next best selling diet book? Who would buy the pills or the bars or the shakes or the… Well, you get the point.
  • The diet industry promises you easy weight loss. But when you fail, it is always due to your lack of will-power. So why don’t the diet gurus help you generate that will power?

Why don’t they give you a complete weight loss program involving:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise, and
  • Mental / Emotional / Spiritual Strategies

Starting on the next page, I will attempt to do that

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When it Comes to Weight Loss…it's NEVER Just One Cookie

A new client and I got into a debate the other day over cookies.

Specifically, we got into a debate about a single cookie she ate while packing her child’s lunch before sending him off to school for the day.

She thought that I was being unreasonable by suggesting that if she wanted to achieve her weight loss goals (15-20 lbs before bikini season), she couldn’t be liberating cookies from her kid’s stash. She said….”it’s only one cookie”

And in theory she was right…it was only one cookie. But in her specific case, she was wrong.

She was wrong because:

  • The excess bodyfat she is trying to lose is metabolically active…constantly sending chemical signals encouraging over-eating and fat storage
  • She is insulin resistant…and that cookie will result in a hormonal firestorm leading to cravings for a 2nd cookie…and a grande mocha latte at Starbucks and half a loaf of garlic bread at dinner…
  • She has established a powerful set of eating habits in the basal ganglia portion of her brain. One of those habits is to sneak a cookie while packing her kid’s lunch. This habit (plus others) has led to her putting on body-fat year after year.
  • The emotional soothing she gets from that cookie reinforces all of those mental/physical/hormonal signals that have led her to be unhappy with the state of her bod.

At this point in her transformation… it’s never just one cookie. It’s a whole bunch of terribly unfair side effects that will keep her frustrated that she can’t lose weight.

NOTE – In a couple of months, I won’t be such a jerk. We’ll have her hormones under control and she will be able to enjoy eating a cookie with her son again…and still continue losing body-fat.

10 Ways to Burn 1 Pound of Body Fat – Vol. 3

Welcome to the third edition of 10 Ways to Burn 1 Pound of Body-Fat.

If you’re new to this series, the following list will highlight different physical activities and tell you how long they will take to burn 500 calories….which is a convenient number because a pound of body fat is 3500 calories and there are 7 days in the week.

And if my Grade 3 math skills are still up to date, 500 calories burned  x 7 days in the week = 3500 calories burned per week = 1 pound of body fat burned off per week.

And that’s pretty cool.



  • It will take the average American Male (191 lbs) 62 minutes of Zumbafying to burn 500 calories
  • It will take the average American Female (164 lbs) 72 minutes of shaking her booty to burn 500 calories



To find out how long it will take YOU to burn 500 calories…

  • take your weight (ex 200 lbs),
  • divide by the average American weight – male or female ( ex 200 lb male / 191 lbs = 1.047),
  • and multiply the result by the average time that I calculated (ex 1.047 x 62 mintes = 65 minutes)

Lose Weight with Bubble Gum

In previous studies, the hormone PYY has been shown to:

  • Reduce appetite
  • Increase efficiency of digestion
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Increase fluid absorption
  • Reduce caloric intake by 30%

Sounds great….right?

Until you learn that….

  1. All of this amazing research has been conducted with injectible PYY.
  2. When PYY is taken orally (as in a weight loss pill), the “hormone is destroyed in the stomach and that which isn’t destroyed has difficulty crossing into the bloodstream through the intestines”.

And no one wants to take multiple injections of PYY every day in order to lose a few pounds.

No one.

And that’s precisely why Dr. Robert Doyle of Syracuse University is hard at work developing  a way of disguising the PYY so it can travel through the digestive system relatively unharmed.

Several years ago, Doyle developed a way to use vitamin B12 as a vehicle for the oral delivery of the hormone insulin.

The reason he uses B12 is because it is able to pass through the digestive system with relative ease and carry with it insulin, or other substances, into the bloodstream.

In his latest research, his team attached the PYY hormone to his patent-pending vitamin B12 system.

“Phase one of this study was to show that we could deliver a clinically relevant amount of PYY into the bloodstream,” Doyle says. “We did that, and we are very excited by the results.”

Now, they just have to find a way of inserting the B12-PYY system into such things as a lozenge or a chewing gum product like the nicotine-laced gums smokers use to curb their cravings.

How cool is that?


Truly Terrifying Obesity Statistics

Bad news everyone.

By the year 2020, America is going to be really, really fat and really, really sick.

  • 83% of American men will be overweight or obese
  • 72% of American women will be overweight or obese
  • 77 % of men will have dysglycemia (either diabetes or pre-diabetes)
  • 53 % of women will have dysglycemia (either diabetes or pre-diabetes).
If you don’t want to be part of the majority, click, read and take charge of your health.



Just when you thought that the world couldn't get any fatter….

According to a paper published in The Lancet, there will be 65,000,000 more obese Americans by 2030.

And it’s not just the U.S. of A.

Great Britain is aiming to plop another 11,000,000 obese citizens and their accompanying health conditions onto their already overburdened National Health Service.

And those health conditions don’t come cheap.

fat world fat globe


In the U.S. alone, it’s estimated that medical costs associated with the treatment of new obesity related disease will increase by $48-66 billion per year. And considering how much of that cost will be borne by the American taxpayer, perhaps American politicians should stop mocking Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program and start thinking up better ways to cut the fat.

And here’s why:

The researchers predicted the following impacts for the U.S. by 2030:

  • Obesity prevalence among men will rise from 32% in 2008 to approximately 50%
  • Obesity prevalence among women will rise from 35% to between 45% and 52%.
  • 7.8 million extra cases of diabetes
  • 6.8 million more cases of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • 539,000 additional cases of cancer
  • Annual spending on obesity-related diseases would rise by 13-16%, leading to 2.6% increase in national health spending.
  • Total medical costs associated with treatment of these preventable diseases are estimated to increase by $48-66 billion/year.

For the U.K., researchers predicted the following developments by 2030:

  • Prevalence of obesity among men would increase from 26% to between 41—48%.
  • Prevalence of obesity among women would increase from 26% to 35-43%.
  • 668 000 more cases of diabetes
  • 461,000 more cases of heart disease and stroke
  • 139,000 additional cases of cancer.
  • In the U.K., annual spending on obesity-related health would increase even more rapidly than in the U.S. due to its older population, rising 25%.


The next 20 years are going to be a great time to be a bariatric surgeon.


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Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America

Seeing as most of us don’t watch a lot of Al Jazeera, you might have missed this documentary.

Take a look.


Punicic Acid Prevents Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Punicic Acid comes from the Pomegranate

According to the latest research, Pomegranate Seed Oil, a rich source of Punicic Acid, prevents diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance.

And considering that you can’t walk down the street without bumping into diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance, let’s hope the research bears fruit.


Lab mice were fed either a high-fat diet or a high-fat diet with 1% pomegranate seed oil for 12 weeks in an attempt to induce obesity and insulin resistance.

After 12 weeks, the mice who ate the pomegranate seed oil were not only leaner than their non-Pom cousins, they actually had improved their insulin sensitivity.

And while this is just the first in a long line of studies required before any potential pomegranate seed oil based drugs hit the market, it’s a good first step. .
Note: If you don’t want to wait on any further research, it is possible to buy organic pomegranate seed oil right now. .

How to create a Photo Diet / Food Log

It’s almost a brand New Year – 2011.

That means it’s almost time for 96 percent of the world’s adult population to make the following New Year’s Resolution.


And if you’re among that desperate 96%, here is a fantastic tool for weight loss success.

The Photo Diet / Food Log.

Research has shown that dieters who photographed their meals prior to eating are more likely to stick to their diet, less likely to cheat and lose up to three times more weight.

And here’s how to create your own Photo Diet/Food Log in under 5 minutes.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Create a new site – follow the instructions
  4. Here’s one I created as an example
  5. Adjust the settings as you see fit. I recommend that you either make the site public OR make private with password protection if and only if you send the url & password to at least 5 people who are willing to keep you honest while you are trying to diet. You really need that threat of someone checking out your diet/food log to keep you from cheating.
  6. I also adjusted my settings so that only I can post, but that logged in visitors can comment.

Alright, now that your site is set up – what’s next?

  1. Take a picture of your next meal with a) your mobile phone or b) your digital camera
  2. If you used your phone – email that picture to In my case, I would email it to You can also send the image via SMS text.
  3. If you don’t have a mobile phone, take a pic with your digital camera, upload it to your computer and email that image to via your computer.

Obviously, the mobile phone option is much, much better.

Now what?

  • Now you take a picture of everything you eat before you eat it.
  • Email it to your photo diet/food log
  • And get ready to lose weight


And if you need help with your diet/exercise program, there is a bunch of new articles in the pipeline.